24 July, 2010

Glitch Marketing

Casey Klahn

I can't figure out why my stats went ballistic two days ago. It seems like an explosion of interest in just one page of my blog. I think Google has a glitch, where a redirect takes surfers to the Pollock page. I can't complain. For an early effort by The Colorist, that page lays out a lot of meat.

Not my art, though. And, not much original content. For more original art content, I suggest this page.

Anyway. Thanks for tripping into The Colorist, which is a newsletter blog about my colorist works, and essays on fine art.


Lisa McShane said...

I love this one. I am so thoroughly not an abstract artist but I love good abstract art. This is very nice.

-Don said...

Congrats on the newfound notoriety. It's really a well-deserved explosion.


Casey Klahn said...

Thanks much, Lisa! It is one I want to frame for myself some day soon.

I would say, Don, that my stat boost is probably a mistake, or somewhere someone linked that Pollock page and then the traffic is legit. Anyway, I wanted to make an introduction while I had the chance. Now, back to my standard (prized) viewership.

Dan Kent said...

Nonrepresentational, what do you know? I really like this one! And I'm a bit behind, but I want to point out that I also like July 12th and July 14th works (for what it is worth). Who need Pollock?

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you very kindly, Dan! I'll be posting more paintings soon.

Steven LaRose said...

It is weird how the stat boosts occur. Last month I was flooded with visitors from Asia who were all searching "Three is the Magic Number" which was a sentence buried in one of my posts from years ago.

(Maybe some day we could talk about a trade?)

Casey Klahn said...

Google has lost its marbles, I guess.

I would gladly trade with you, Steven - and you are one of the few I would do that with. I'm flattered you'd consider that. Hey - in September I'll be going through Ashland on my way back from Sausalito. I could visit.

We'll be in touch.

Steven LaRose said...

Yes! Visit! You've got my number? It is on my contact info on fcbk.

Casey Klahn said...

Steven: I will call you before I travel (Labor Day weekend) and will be coming home @ 3 days later, or something.

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