10 September, 2010

Back Home Okay

Here is a note to let everyone know that I made it home from California well and fast. Too fast for comfort's sake, but the family needs me at home, since I missed the first day of school last week for my children. I'm exhausted, not only from the trip, but from the whole season. Time to switch gears and get into a new routine.

I hope to write some posts like last year where I describe to you my methods for creating prize winning work. I have some different ideas, so you can look forward to some interesting posts.


Jala Pfaff said...

Welcome back, Casey! Rest up and catch up.
Thanks for your comment on my blog, BTW.
Take care,

Brenda Boylan said...

Sometimes the pedal on the car floor doesn't go down far enough when we miss our family! Glad you returned home in one piece.
I am looking forward to reading your prize winning methods as the season and routine changes.

Casey Klahn said...

And you won the award for best marine theme at the Columbia Center - I saw it at the show! Congrats, Brenda!!

Thanks, Jala. I am starting to feel better, and the studio is beginning to hum.

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