06 December, 2010

Aperture Bright

Aperture Bright
11" x 14"
Charcoal & Pastel
Casey Klahn

The Christmas season is here, and the Klahn household is abuzz with activity. My children, ages 9 and 7, are being as good as they are capable of being under the threat of coal in their stockings on Christmas morning.

I'm in the studio as much as possible, too. This year, the snow has played havoc with the control of the light in there. It is so bright, even with the windows facing north, and the blinds at half mast, that I am having trouble getting what I want. Maybe I'll have to go nocturnal, when the light is all artificial. I recently added another track light, which is a big help.

I am working on a series, and it has been a real joy. Some finished drawings are included in this, using mixed media of charcoal, chalk, and pastel. Also, there are some graphite works. Pictures to follow, soon, I hope. One direction is that these images are a little bigger than my normal fare, and the last few images have included more neutral colors.

Today I'm picking the kids up after school and together with Lorie we'll be shopping for the tree. Merry Christmas!


Unknown said...

Your painting is gorgeous! High key work is difficult to pull-off, but you've done it. Your description of family life makes me yearn for the years when kids were still living at home and Christmas was exciting. Good memories.

Casey Klahn said...

High key colors are a focus of mine, and I'm happy you saw this work.

CERULEAN said...

I really like your warm colors, especially in this time of the year. Great work.

Cmichaudart said...

Lovely, almost enough to tempt me to pick up the pastels again...I took a break til I itched and I feel a scratch coming on!! Bright is always a problem in FL and no snow to bounce around. Merry ChristmasTree.

Ann Trainor Domingue said...

Absolutely love your deceptively undisciplined strokes and your beautiful sense of color. Glad I came across your blog to add to my favorites list.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Deceptively simple but compelling. I'm trying to figure out if it's hot and bright or cold and bright. It's light-filled and great! Looking forward to seeing more.

Do you buy Noble firs, Doug firs, or some other kind of Christmas tree? We live on an overgrown Christmas tree farm -- acres of Nobles with a few Blue Spruce and cedars. Smells like Christmas when there's a tree in the house!

Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

It is a pleasure to see this bright and beautiful piece - especially while I am trying to get darker in my work.

Susan Roux said...

A nice bright studio. Who would have thought it a problem? Its interesting what can throw us off. Our visual sense has become so trained and acute, we notice everything! Nice bright painting!

Casey Klahn said...

Wow - I'm impressed with how this post de-lurked a few readers! You've made me happy!

I'll respond to each a little later, since my studio time is limited this morning.

Kvan: I think we got a Grand this time, but I favor the Norway Spruce. You live on an overgrown tree farm? That is a hoot. I'd be in heaven, there.

My color temperatures are always chaotic - because I focus on intensities, not temps.

Katherine Kean said...

This one just glows - I'm appreciating all the subtle color shifts. Happy holidays!

Casey Klahn said...

Beautiful work Casey. I love the color and the way you portray the image.

Ron Bigony

Steve Moen said...

This one caught my eye. Spend a lot of time on the river. Nice!

-Don said...

OK, I'll let this piece - and its accompanying words - cause me to "de-lurk", as well. It's really quite brilliant on so many levels. Great job!

I find that black foam board works really well when too much light is flooding my studio.

Isn't this season so much fun? Especially with the little ones who help amp the joy factor for us... Enjoy!


Casey Klahn said...

Don - that reminds me that I have an oversize piece of plywood wrapped in black paper somewhere in my studio. Great idea!

Casey Klahn said...
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Casey Klahn said...

My thanks to the commenters on this post - sorry to be too busy to respond. Holidays, house guests, the random tonsil operation; what can I say?

Eric (Cerulian): greetings and cheers.
Cindy: You should try those pastels. A great winter boost.
Ann: very happy to meet you. I am excited that you commented and follow.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, again, Kvan. I'll try and post a pic of the tree soon. Wondering if you guys put one up?
Hi, Barbara. I'm sure you'll have no problem with your goal - thanks for looking here.
Hi, Susan. My studio is a blessing. Right now I'm missing it after a few day's absence.
Merry Christmas, Katherine. Congrats on the exhibit you just finished.
Thanks to Ron Bigony. I cut and pasted your e-mail because you need some linkage. I always google "A href" and cut the code out, and then stick in the URL and words to display. I have no knowledge of HTML, but I can move a mouse around.
Hi, Steve. Happy you commented.
Don - I'll be implementing your black surface idea soon.

Jala Pfaff said...

Love the softness and light in this piece.

Light can indeed play havoc with values especially...one of the self-portrait studies I did had too bright of light on me and on the canvas, and I was so shocked when I took the painting later into normal light, and it turned out I'd painted it strangely dark.

Casey Klahn said...

That's a good illustration of what happens, Jala. Our snow is melting today, but it's still enough to hurt today. Gotta find that black backing board.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I really like the high-key palette you used for this piece. You're right, high-key is hard to pull off, but you've made it look easy. Beautiful!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Sharmon. Your blog interests me - I'll be back to read some more!

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