16 December, 2010

A Letter for You - Four Years of The Colorist

Text of letter:

Four Years of The Colorist

December 16th., 2010

Dear Readers,

This special greeting is my heart-felt thanks to you for your visits and participation over the past four years.

With over 82,000 page-loads this year, 16,000 per month at this point, and one day with 892, The Colorist continues to grow in many ways!

See more bench marks about The Colorist in the post that accompanies this letter.

All my best,
Casey Klahn

This is the four-year anniversary of The Colorist blog. There would be no blog here without the intelligent, kind and consistent readership that you provide. Please accept this handwritten note as my thanks.

With 847 posts here at The Colorist, and 220 at Pastel, there have been many fun and thought-provoking exchanges between you and I in blogland. When I met artist blogger Celeste Bergin in Oregon this year, she chided me that she had once gotten lost in the loop that is all of my many blogs. Hey, they're free, so I take as many as will fit in my pocket.

I also met and painted with Maryland artist and blogger Loriann Signori this year. Other highlights of the year for me include exhibiting in a new gallery, and receiving a national first place award for my art.

On The Colorist, one post went viral (Jackson Pollock) and the number of Blogger Followers ticked over 300. I introduced The Prairie Series, Mind Mapped my blog and studio direction, and was selected as one of 27 Art Blogs to Watch in 2010.

Popular posts and series' included:

I look forward with joy to the next year of sharing my studio life and art with all of you.

Casey Klahn


Deborah Paris said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Casey!

Sonya Johnson said...

Congratulations on the anniversary of your blog, Casey, and the impressive stats that are indicative of the quality content you offer.

Here's to another four years :)!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you to two artists whose vibrant art and blogs renew me as I go along.

Deborah, you were a great help to me both through an online studio class, and through watching your devotion to your own unique artist's voice.

Sonya, I don't know how many of my readers are aware of how great your blog and art are, but I hope they'll go there and see for themselves. I will be posting a post that Sonya wrote in the next few days about her response to the artist's ideas.

Casey Klahn said...

Admin note:

I phoned India this morning, and have cause to suspect my aged modem may be soon to die. I have done a couple of re-boots, and cleaned it out with canned air. The next step will be to disassemble it, and maybe reverse the polarity.

If push comes to shove, the service guy will have to pay us a visit, and a new modem may be the cure. If I am out of action for a few days (weeks?) you'll know why.

Lorie Klahn said...

Congratulations Honey. Has it actually been four years? Are you sure? Time is a blur, but your blog speaks on... Keep up the great work! ~LK

r garriott said...

What a landmark! Best wishes on your next happy 82,000 page loads.

Love your color!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, R Garriott!

-Don said...

Rock on, Dude!!!


www.kunsthafen.blogspot.com said...

Congratulations to anniversary!
Best regards

Casey Klahn said...

Don in Las Vegas, and Zoltan in Germany - thanks!!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Congratulations, Casey, and Happy Anniversary and hearty wishes for many more! I look forward to reading your blog posts and seeing your shows when I can. Your thoughtful approach to art and your generosity in sharing what you've learned and what you know (and what you don't know) makes your blog excellent, not to mention popular. Thank you! Kvan

Casey Klahn said...

Best wishes, Kvan! Glad you are an active reader here.

irinapictures said...

My warmest congratulations, Casey! Your blog is so very interesting read. And the pastels. They are breathtaking.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Irina - best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Ich liebe Deine Bilder und gratuliere zum Jahrestag.
Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland, Rostock. Dein Fan Elke.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Elke. It is a thrill to have your letter.

Sally Veach said...

Hi Casey! It's been a long time. Every once in a while I come back to visit your blog. :-) Congratulations on your four year anniversary!

I also wanted to thank you for posting the video from Kings College Chapel. The boys choir's performance is just beautiful. But the video is much sweeter because I sketched that chapel when I was an art student studying in England for a semester many years ago!

Wishing you continued inspiration and artistic success in the coming year!

Casey Klahn said...

You should send us a link of that sketch, Sally! Always glad to have your visits.

Celeste Bergin said...

oh my...I chided you? What was I thinking? Well, you obviously know what you are doing....those statistics do not lie! I know I always love coming here to read your new ideas and see your beautiful work. Thanks for the shout out (even if it points out that I am very good at dispensing unsolicited advice! lol!)
Congratulations on your 4 years...You're the best!

Casey Klahn said...

You are the best, Celeste!

I thought it was pretty funny the way you got lost among the blogs. I even took the trouble to try to hide the inactive ones on my profile page - don't know if it worked.

Actually, the stats here are pretty dismal compared to knitting, daddy day cares and scrap-booking. But, I am happy in this niche.

Making A Mark said...

Many congrats Casey - it's always a pleasure to visit "The Colorist".

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Katherine!

SamArtDog said...

Casey, you were one of my first go-to blogs. At first, I was enchanted by your work, then absorbed by your advice. I was tickled when you first answered my comment and thrilled when you first commented on my blog. To me, yours will always be the benchmark blog. My thanks and congratulations to you on your fourth birthday!

Casey Klahn said...

Your readership, comments, blogging and great wishes are dear to me, Sam. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Adam Cope said...

happy blog day Casey
enjoy yr creativity!c

loriann signori said...

Hi Casey! I had not forgotten to congratulate you on your wonderful accomplishment, I just see that it is lost in the blogoshere somewhere! Oh dear! Four years is a very long time- dedicated as it is inspiring. happy bloggy birthday.
PS It was fun to meet you and paint together in La Conner.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Adam. You are a long time friend in blogland.

It was fun, Loriann. Thanks for reading here, and have fun this Christmas.

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