21 December, 2010

Washed Light - Year In Review

First published in August, 2010.

Washed Light
5.6" x 12.75"

Casey Klahn

Eastern Washington has tremendous beauty. Much of it is on the grand scale typical of the American west. Here is where immense dry coulees (cliff-rich basalt formations that bookmark dry valleys), deserts, the irrigated Columbia Basin, the Columbia River Gorge, vast orchards, and some of the richest wheat lands anywhere in the world, all take your breath away.

This image isn't of the grand scale, or the Hudson River School genre, as Deborah Paris likes to say. But it hints of that. What peeks through those trees?  What will I find in the next field over? What events await tomorrow? These are some questions I think of when I look at this painting.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Loved seeing the slideshow, too! I think I like the Kensett paintings the best, but they are all beautiful.

I love what I see of your prairie pieces, Casey. They are strong and spare and wonderfully evocative. Wow!

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Kvan. Thank you for looking at the prairies.

She is talking about the Met link - Kensett's work is cool. Very spare, yet in large format. I esp. liked the Long Island view. To me, it's a masterwork.

Celeste Bergin said...

You've described your work very well here..."what events await tomorrow?" --This is what you do so well, provide mystery. "Washed Light" = one of my favorites!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Celeste. Maybe there is serendipity in this.

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