16 August, 2011

I've Been Posting Daily at Tumblr

The Red Haired Girl, 1918
18.1" x 11.4"
Amadeus Modigliani
Private Collection

I think Modigliani's work improved dramatically each year of his short career.  This is one of his portraits of Jeanne Hébuterne, and it gives the lie to photography.  She is pretty in the photos, but lovely through Modigliani's eyes.

Still think Modern Art is bad?

The Colorist at Tumblr.


Sonya Johnson said...

What a delightful portrait! I recognize Modiglani's name, but am not familiar with his work, so thank you for sharing this.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Sonya. Of course, the thing to do is to look up his work. But, it also happens that there is a terrific movie titled Modigliani.

Some wags have it as the worst film ever, but I thought it treated the elements of being an artist very well. I enjoyed it.

Celeste Bergin said...

I loved the movie Modigliani.

What is the advantage of posting at Tumblr?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love his use of line and form…and his colours too. I have not looked at images form Modigliani for over 35 years…. so thanks for reminding me!
What do you think of Schiele?

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Maggie! I am happy you get to look again at Modigliani's work - look how big that image is on the post! Partly because Wikipedia has the "commons" image available, and partly because Blog-Gurr lets us post bigger images, now, without having to trick the template.

When I see Egon Schiele images I have many desires. The first one is to go eat a steak and potato, with lots of garnish.

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Celeste! Tumblr, after you get past the first nuisances of set-up, is very easy to post on. It is very visual arts oriented: image-image-image-image.

Another thing good about Tumblr is that it casts a wide net. Your blog on Tumblr is your own content, and the world wide content of every Tumblr at the same time. Except, it is the Tumblr's that you choose to integrate. That is a close description, although I might be too simple about it.

Blogger is more original content, and developed more deeply. Tumblr is rapid-fire overwhelm. I am getting a lot od spam at my Tumblr site, though. Yuck. But, the good interaction is nice.

Sharon said...

I have been a life long admirer of Modigliani. He can truly break my heart - it's not only his line and distortion, but his use of color is tremendous. I also love Schiele's work - for it's line and force.

Who thinks Modern Art is bad? We all owe that movement a major round of applause. Whether it speaks to you personally or not, your work and the visual world would be very different if these artists did not choose the paths they took.

Casey Klahn said...

You said it exactly right, Sharon. I applaud the Moderns and hope to do as well as my artist heroes.

http://peacefulones.blogspot.com said...

Love it. You're mentioned today at http://makingamark.blogspot.com/2011/08/top-tips-for-travelling-artists-pastels.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+MakingAMark+%28Making+a+Mark%29&utm_content=Google+Reader. Cool.

Casey Klahn said...

Great to hear from you, Rosemarie.

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