22 August, 2011

School Days Are Approaching

 August In Spokane.

...and I will be back in the studio full time.  Summer is a slow time online, isn't it?  Thanks for tuning in here at The Colorist for your "art fix."  I have been working on some computer projects, plus I did complete a large work at 25" x 39.5," which is photographed and waiting to be posted later in the week.  The computer projects are a secret, but you may know about them soon enough.

This weekend I sat in my booth at the Arbor Crest fair high above the Spokane Valley.  It is a beautiful venue, and I had a nice time.  Next: Sausalito.


Celeste Bergin said...

your outdoor set up is so impressive! It is like being in a gallery outside...looks great!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Celeste. I try to keep the hanging low and uncluttered - the gallery look. I'm happy you commented.

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