02 July, 2012

Go To Market

You Must Find Your Market.

Sometimes you have to push yourself to market in a cart, so strong is the inertia defending the marketplace from you. I find this especially true in the summer, when family, chores, and focus on art-making occupy my time.

Here are some great links for art marketing to get you revved-up.

What Are You Really Selling?, Cindy Haase.
Daily Paintworks, Carol Marine.
Art Biz Blog, Alyson Stanfield.
Marketing Mondays, Joanne Mattera.
The Painter's Keys, Robert Genn.

Photo attribution lost, sorry.


helen said...

The show repair space is incredible!

Linda Roth said...

The Art Biz linkhas read the best so far . I will take a look at the next one too. Thanks.

Going to market is a scary thing for me. There's real reasons I haven't. The main one being I'm not consistent in subject or in medium. My present investigation of portraiture is going well. I've had positive responses and bites when I've showed just a couple of things, but portraiture is really a tough road to follow--there's an awful lot of involvement with the client--and the client has the last say-so. While past business experience has prepared me very well for this, do I want to be involved with all that at this point in life?

Good post Casey.It got me thinking, questioning my decision.

Meanwhile that's a great photograph.

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you for commenting, Helen!

Hi, Linda! I don't personally accept commissions, although if I did, it might be in portraiture. I understand the challenge, and you have to be up for, I estimate.

I see great things for you with the head and figure, and can't speak to portraits, since I don't know your subjects. I love your sense of all things art, though.

Finding the market is probably as easy, and yet as hard (ignoble?) as this poor character at street level. I admire his ethic and spunk, and I feel he is aiming just right for his work! With art, a wise man once said, "the best is good enough!"

Casey Klahn said...

Sorry: "up for it."

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