09 January, 2013

Modigliani - Love, Nonsense & Life (Updated)

Modigliani, not looking well, 1919.

Here is The Modigliani Suite:

Amedeo Modigliani (July 12, 1884 – January 24, 1920) has been the subject of a couple of feature movies.  Mostly, they cover his love life, which lacked no drama.  I take that back - the more recent flick, Modigliani, 2004, by Director Mick Davis, is also very much about the artistic process.  Critics and the public hated it, but I loved it.  The metaphor of his grand premier compared to a bloody mugging in the snow is rich, and I liked the way he consulted his boyhood self from time to time.  

Watching the 1958 film, Les Amants de Montparnasse, in French, is a nonsensical treat for me, since I don't understand the language.  I had a couple scenes posted before, but they have vanished from YT. Try to find it sometime and enjoy. Tragically, both the first director and the star died during and shortly after the making of this movie. 

Here is a You Tube of his paintings streamed to some music with an Italian title about love's consequences.  I like to watch these with the digital projector on the big screen.  Maybe some of his great style and visual grace will rub off on me.


Celeste Bergin said...

You are right--they (everyone else) hates that picture. Didn't Andy Garcia have to put up his own money for it? Movies about artists never seem to do well at the box office. You and I might be the only people anywhere who like this film (and I do like it too, for the same reasons you cited).

Casey Klahn said...

I think a movie @ the artist's process must be like watching ice melt slowly for the average guy. We're lucky to have this film to enjoy; except for the blood, heartbreak, and insanity, what's not to like?

I had a couple commenters when I posted this last July who also liked the film. We artists gotta stick together.

Unknown said...

Several years ago I was able to take my 8th grade advanced art students to our Albright-Knox Art Gallery for a large Modigliani exhibit. Several students picked up on the way the eyes were painted, others, mostly the boys, liked the sculptures. "He didn't have power tools back then did he?" one asked. When told "No he didn't" and the boy noted "That's cool." Wish we could have viewed the video back then. Thanks!!!

Casey Klahn said...

Good story, Dennis! Did you need some release from the parents? I mean, Midi painted some sexy pictures!

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