08 January, 2013

Snow Deep and Notes

  Autumn Slope Drawing
12" x 13.5" 
Charcoal, Chalk & Pastel
Casey Klahn

With my world full of snow, I have taken to drawing in a serious way. I have quit a lot of pastel works in storage, and with a head full of ideas 
I want to make hundreds more. Anyway, I felt the urge to simplify and sharpen the charcoals a bit. This one, posted above, devolved from a finished pastel!

My children are snowed in from school, and my wife is down with an awful virus of some kind.  My time is not very plentiful, but I do get to the studio almost daily. Maybe today I'll wear snowshoes to get there since yesterday I was plunging to the knee in snow!

Another bother is that we have misplaced the battery charger for the Nikon camera and will have to order a new one.  So, no new photos of pastels for a while, even though I have probably 20 or more to show.


In other studio news, I am forming an idea for a large work and it may take two over-size sheets of La Carte that I have squirreled away for a special occasion.  I'm imagining them just mounted together, seam and all.  If Degas did it, I think I may try the same. I know I could unroll some Wallis, or even get a piece of Gatorboard that big, but the dream I have is for La Carte.

Another fun pastime has been virtually framing art in Photoshop.  Here is one that worked well.

Fantastic Italy in Faux Frame


Eden Compton Studio said...

Happy New Year Casey! Love the charcoal! I've also been spending a lot of time drawing lately. My 2013 goal is to spend more time refining the concept via drawing and design before I put pastel to paper or brush to linen!

Casey Klahn said...

Hi, Eden! Happy New year and here's a wish for your great successes in 2013.

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