02 January, 2013

Artists in Pastel and Events Around the Web

Niall O'Neill, at Artists in Pastel, writes a blog that fills a very unique niche.  It proposes to review the websites of artists who work in pastel.  I like the global reach of his blog, and the eclectic manner that he ticks one pastellist at a time off his list.  If you think you know all the active pastellists in the world, think again!  You will discover much to keep you inspired at this wonderful blog.  Hint:  if you don't have a blog or a website, how will reviewers find you and expose your art? See the post on my websites, art, and bio here.

More grand benefits of exposing your art on a blog are contests and events. In that vein, Katherine Tyrrell has been busy with the Making a Mark award series which offers readers the chance to nominate and vote for the best artwork posted that year in several categories, such as landscape or nature.  Other awards are also given, such as the best book published by an art blogger and one for "stickability," which highlights consistency in posting art.

In the realm of art events, my page at Facebook, Paint The Barn In Winter, has been a popular place where many artists have rendered a scene based on an iPhone photo I took while skiing out to recover our stuck van. When the event concludes on January 15th., or perhaps a little before, I will post some of the artworks that I want to highlight. 

You never know what will happen next around the interwebs!

The Barn in Winter
iPhone Photo, Casey Klahn

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