26 May, 2013

I Am A Civil War Artist This Memorial Day Weekend!

I Am A Civil War Artist This Memorial Day Weekend!

Imagine my delight at being out among hundreds of costumed actors; the solders in dark blue uniforms and the ladies in hooped skirt outfits.  I am getting some great sketches, and did one plein air pastel session today.  I get very few opportunities at drawing people, so it is an artist's heaven.

Please look for some images to be posted in the next few days. 

The Civil War is remembered for having started 152 years ago this past April. 

See what I mean?


Carole Buschmann said...

Casey what fun my husband has been a Civil War re-enactor for the past umpty ump years. As a female , I have not participated. The time of the Civil War was not the most free time for women. Although there were women who disguised themselves as men and participated. But I love your sense of joie de vie and just jumping into the milieu. Re-enactors are a great people and it is a good way to time travel!

Eden Compton Studio said...

What fun Casey! You look quite the dapper 19th century artist! They do a similar re-enactment at Ft. Adams in Newport RI every couple of years. It certainly provides a lot of resource material. Have fun!

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Casey, you look like you're having a grand old time! A wonderful way for you to combine some of your interests. Looking forward to seeing the sketches.

Unknown said...

Love the hat Casey, You should do a self portrait.

www.mindfuldrawing.com said...
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www.mindfuldrawing.com said...

Goodness Casey! Have a look here and see how you resemble your favourite artist.


This is really creepy! ;-)

Casey Klahn said...

I need to get the pince-nez glasses to complete the look!

Casey Klahn said...

Carole - I particularly love the ladies' outfits and the Union soldiers blue coats. It is wonderful.

Eden - thanks for your frequent comments!

Sarah - I got sidetracked a bit, but will be on the sketches. At least I posted a few, processed the photo references, and combed through my sketchbooks. Now to knuckle down to some fun!

Casey Klahn said...

Maryann - agreed. And thanks.

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