18 May, 2013

Walt Disney Presents: Four Artists On Location, 1958

This early TV episode gives you the old "studio-president-sits-at-his-desk-and-pontificates" treatment.  But, given it's Walt Disney, and given that he is reading from The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri, I think you will profit by watching this. 

The premise of this film short is the contrast between the regimented studio production, where everything must fit animation cells like a glove, versus the natural inclination of the artist to do his own thing.  And, if you haven't read Henri's 1923 master book on American art sensibilities, you will be surprised at his stance of grasping your own independent ideas and style.

Robert Henri wrote of Thomas Eakins, "His vision was not touched by fashion."  I like the description from the negative.  There is a counter-movement to the artist's way; he doesn't swim up stream to cooperate, but to counter the school.

It seems to me that Disney knew he had a studio of artists, and if they were going to be good at all, they needed to be let off the leash occasionally. 

Robert Henri

Walt Disney


Debbie said...

Thank you Casey for sharing this great video! What a great insight to some of Disney's artists seeing them out plein air painting together expressing themselves!

Casey Klahn said...

Debbie, I'm happy you liked that video and thanks for looking here.

Ruth Andre said...

Casey, I loved the video. Thanks for sending such a great blog post along to all of us. Seeing Walt sure brought back a lot of memories. I got a kick out of the plein air painters out in their sports coats

Casey Klahn said...

That was a kick! I noticed one guy took his off - he was getting serious!

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