30 June, 2013

Now I'm Trying Feedly


Bloglovin is fine, but Feedly seems to over-arch my non-blog world, too.  I'm going to try it.  Yes, it offers to vacuum up your Google Reader and it's a bit scary how it does it!  No questions asked, just a "hoover" noise and wham!  Your GR stuff is on Feedly, now.

To add to the creepy factor, I cannot give you a link because it goes straight to my iCloud.  Anyway, I will be trying it out, as I am trying out multiple new feeds.

Okay, here is the About link to Feedly.

Google Reader, I hardly knew you...


CERULEAN said...

I started to use both and the're working perfect!

Casey Klahn said...

Great< Eric. I found Feedly doesn't like my URL for their Follow Button HTML. Might work tomorrow.

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