22 August, 2013

Your Authority

Growth comes with struggle.  The key in art is to get it over into the subconscious, and the sooner you start just making art, the easier it will be to find expression. 

Here are some quotes on the Artist's Authority that were published here some time ago.   

You should be able to click on these documents and view them.  Save them and print them out to post in your studio.


joanieART said...

"The great artist is the simplifier." Van Gogh

That's the one I'm grasping to! Thanks for a great post, Casey.


Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for commenting, Joanie! VVG said it very well, didn't he?

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Casey, the De Kooning quote really touches me. The last painting I posted that you liked just now, really illustrates this. Two months of intensive painting during my stay in NM produced work that became more and more free and just as I was leaving I felt I could have flown...it is always being suggested to me to accept what I have, but I have such a tendency to fiddle! Thanks for such a great blog.

Casey Klahn said...

It is a quote for the mature artist. I know you will keep the New Mexico spirit alive in the UK.

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