18 August, 2013

Seattle Visit

Enjoying the Great Wheel on Elliott Bay, Seattle.  Ferry on Puget Sound in the background.  While I'm sitting here, smiling, the meter maid is ticketing my car.  I blame those new e-meters.  Anyway, we had family fun touring western Washington.


Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

About 20 yrs. ago when Al and I were visiting Seattle we got a ticket and forgot about it. A few years later when we were trying to refinance our home in Eugene the mortgage company said, "We looked at your credit report and you've got a parking ticket and you've got to clear that up before we can give you a loan." Word to the wise!

Casey Klahn said...

We're sending in an appeal because we have a few things to say. We'll see what they say. :)

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