12 February, 2007

No Blue Without Yellow

It seems that Emile Bernard, van Gogh's pen-pal, was soon to cross the Mediterranean to North Africa, to serve with Lieutenant Milliet in the French Army. VG was waxing on, artist to artist, about perceived local color.


Making A Mark said...

It's a bit like 'there is no light without dark'

Casey Klahn said...

VG went on to say to Bernard that he felt that his statement might be "banal". It is rather a no brainer to the experienced artist, but I think also fundamental. Good to remember those fundamentals.
He was also responding to artists who found little interest in the Saharan sands, which seem monotonous. Then, he offers an art philosophy of lively coloration.
I picked up his question of whether or not there may be more value to the artist where more sunlight is present. From a colorist perspective, I found more sun to be valuable.
Do you enjoy the different sun in Italy or California, Katherine, versus dear old London?

Anonymous said...

With the bad comes the good....and there was light. :) Ohh I have been sooo inspired by Van Gogh's yellow.. that in my works lately I use yellow all the time. :) I mentioned you in my last blog entry. I hope that's ok? I figured that it was because you let me add your link to my blog. :) Anyhoo, great work!

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