01 September, 2007

Casey Klahn Fine Art

Casey Klahn Fine Art

You are invited to see my web site, post-makeover. I spent an intensive week of online fussing, with a group of about eight other artists and crafters, and moderators Alyson Stanfield and Patricia Velte. The professional and peer critiques were useful, although when I went about giving crits to my peers, I felt like a drive-by shooter. The whole process ends up well, though.

If you're after a "from scratch" professional design for an art website, I highly recommend Pat's White Wing Designs. She knows her stuff and will make for you, I am sure, a very spiffy web presence.

The free side of the house would be to go to Google Page Creator and "do it yourself". My Google web site is here and here. Notice the links are dead because I am not using the tool as a web site. What I have done there, is to create some extra pages to link from my web site, which limits the number of pages I get.

Then, I also favor my own choice, which is a template site (like the blog). It is Fine Art Studio Online. Not much money, and relatively easy even for an old fart like myself.


Anonymous said...

Casey, thanks so much for the mention. It's hard to dish out criticism of others' sites, but that's what we were there to do and everyone knew it. I don't think anyone was offended at all. We got back great feedback and zero complaints of your drive-by shooting. Seriously, I feel all of your criticisms were constructive and gentle.

Casey Klahn said...

The input from peers on one's website not only helped the web site, but charged up my blog's batteries as well.

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