08 May, 2009

Julianne Richards Returns

The Colorspeaker
Julianne Richards

Artist Julianne Richards has been notably absent from blogging for the past several months. When a consistent artist blogger like Julianne disappears for a short while, the expectation is that their computer has given up the ghost. Longer absences create other fears, and as it turns out our Julianne (The Colorspeaker) was hospitalized with a critical heart infection.

Her trouble is described at her blog as beginning in late January. I received an e-mail from her about 2 weeks ago with the news about her sickness and recent release from the hospital. While this firecracker of an artist and blogger was happily blogging, she presented like a freight train going 100 miles per hour. The crack-up of serious health problems reminds one of hitting the wall at about that speed. I imagine the emotional challenges of this kind of setback, especially for a young person, are daunting.

Julianne has kept her apartment in New York City, and her fiancé
and family are her support structure. In a funny, removed way, the blogging community is another support structure. Well wishes go out to "The Firecracker" who is back at blogging.


Adam Cope said...

Let's hope that Julianne's 'support structure' is strong enough to take it... when one is young & trying to break away from parents but without a family & adult friend's of one's own, one is vulnerable.

Youth is vulnerable.

Add that to the vulnerabilities of 'artist' as career path... wow! vulnerable.

Hope that juliannne is cocooned from the vulnerability.

Casey Klahn said...

I queried Julianne on the very things you bring up. I think she's going to do well - especially with her natural spirit and verve.

colorspeaker said...

Hello Casey and friends...
Thanks so much for mentioning me and my situation-the good energy that is being sent is welcomed!! Every bit counts, as you surely know.
I am focusing on enjoying the simple pleasures at the moment, instead of "fretting" about not being as creative as I'd like.
Small steps, for now.
Thanks again,

Casey Klahn said...

Good that you don't feel bound by obligations - to post or blog. Even creativity will come at its own pace - take it easy.

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