19 January, 2010

Master Study and a ning Community

Master Copy
@ 15" x 25"
Conte, Compressed Charcoal, Pastel
Casey Klahn

This is a somewhat focused shot taken in my studio with my point and shoot camera. I'll post a better exposure when I get the professional photographer in there. It is a master copy of a drawing by you-know-who. I say that, anymore, because I cringe when I see my own art on the Google Image page one or two when I query another artist's name. I hate that.

I'm still suffering the cold and flu season infections - this is #3 in a row. Ugh. This will probably keep me out of the studio, today, and I just started what will probably be a break-through piece for one of my new series. Oh well, I think I need to transfer it to a new sheet of paper, anyway. Better left until I can get well.

Visit The Art of the Landscape

Leaving the figure behind for now, I have been invited to join The Art of the Landscape, which is a ning community that was started by noted artist blogger, Katherine Tyrrell (Making a Mark). Katherine was smart to add a blog to that: art-landscape.blogspot (The Art of the Landscape). Part of the concept is to raise the profile of landscape art, which is ubiquitous, but sometimes has gotten the short end of the stick in the "Art World." The tag line for this is "learning more about landscape art - by exploring, sharing and doing." I love the interactive theory, here, which describes real-world undertakings, not just ether-net stuff.

Here's to landscape art - long may it thrive!


Unknown said...

Hope you're better very soon, Casey!! Love the drawing, and congratulations on the invite to join the landscape group. I'll have to take a peek.

Laura K. Aiken said...

Feel better soon Casey!!

Casey Klahn said...

I am better - the whole fam is on the mend after that last round of flu/sinus stuff.

Thanks Kathy and Laura.

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