13 April, 2012

Rain van Gogh

Wheat Field in Rain, 1889
o/c,73.5 x 92.5 cm  
Vincent van Gogh

Philadelphia Museum: Van Gogh Up Close.

h/t Katherine van Schoonhoven.


Carolyn L. said...

This exhibit is extraordinary. I went twice and could go again. It closes in Philadelphia on May 6. It goes on to the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa May 25 to September 3, 2012.

One cannot get from even the best reproductions the beauty of the paintings included in this exhibit. The color applied with impasto strokes for the most part sings out of each painting. With every stroke Van Gogh must have been trying to bring the life of his subject into the painting, to literally animate the painting. While the paintings are for the most part of "restful" nature subjects, the urgency of the brushstrokes speak to me of a man in anything but a restful turn of mind.

It is an emotionally moving experience to see these paintings together.

Eden Compton Studio said...

Saw this in person at the Philadelphia Museum a few weeks ago Casey! The Rain painting was one of my favorites. So incredible to see these works in person.

Casey Klahn said...

Carolyn - thanks. That is a touching review!

Eden, you are lucky. I pulled out my Van Gogh - The Complete Works, and started reviewing the paintings which were new to me. Especially loved some of the Sunflowers, which I looked at with new eyes.

Celeste Bergin said...

I agree with what Carolyn L wrote above..reproductions always pale next to the real thing, but nothing makes that more evident than experiencing a Van Gogh in person. When I saw Sunflowers in New York I thought I might fall over from the impact of it. I was stupified..and remembering it's vibrancy, even now, many years later still thrills me. This Rain painting is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for that report, too, Celeste. One thing VVG has is power.

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