16 July, 2013

One Oh One - Blog Topics


Don't tell me you have nothing to post about:

100 Things I Love About Art
Highlight a Master Artist
Compare Two Master Artists
Your Subjects
Review Your Exhibit

Goal Setting
Photo Journal an Event
Studio Description or Photos

Other Social Media Besides the Blog
Museum Visit
Museum Highlight
List of Links Out to Other Art Blogs

You Tube of an Art Topic
Tips On Your Media
Art History Topic


Personal Story
Personal Opinion
Art Lesson That is Authentically Different
How To Do a Blogger (Wordpress) Task, such as embedding a hotlink in a comment

Guest Blogger
Art News
Take Apart One of Your Paintings

Your Drawings
Group Drawings On a Topic
Post Off Topic (Cuisine/Auto Repair/ Target Shooting/Macrame)
Your Bio

One Sheet

604 Ideas
Book Review
Highlight a New Blogger
Write an Essay

Make That Essay Into a Series
Take a Poll
Find Out What Your Social Objects Are and Post Them

Meet Another Blogger (Post a Picture)
A Local Attraction
An Obituary

Mind Map Your Blog
Post About Your Mother
Foreign Country
A List of Your Favorite Posts

Your Other Blog(s)
Your Website
An Orginization or Society

Illuminated Umber Slope
10" x 16"
Casey Klahn

Technique That You "Own"
An Art Goal
Your Works from Art School

Art Materials - Something Obscure
Anything That Really Interests You
Something That Happened To You That Was New, Odd, Unusual or Funny.

Newsletter Update
Holiday Greetings

Another Art Form - Not Your Own
An Art Genre, Such as Portraiture
Participate in a Blog Project
Become an Authority Blog

Any Event That You Find Interesting
A Magazine Article
Research That You Have Done

A Movie Review
Report On An Historical Art Movement
Your Upcoming Exhibit
Post a Fantastic Photoshop of Yourself on the Banks of the Seine with van Gogh

Vincent et Moi

An Interesting iPhone App
A PANO Outside of Your Studio 
Highlight a Great Post on Another Blog and Make a Link

Make Up a Silly Prize and Award it to Someone
Any Excuse to Post a Link List of Your Blogger Chums
Your Insights on the Business of Being an Artist

Your Sketchbook
Write a Formal Critique

Your Influences

Small Studies
The Art Festival 

Your Slideshow
Your Video

Details About Your Palette
Your "Take" on the Color Wheel
Tricks for Establishing a Value Composition
Studio Tips

An Art Tool You Made Yourself
Patrons or Collectors
Your Faith and Art
Why You Paint or Draw in Your Style

Art and Health
Art Philosophy
Your painting Holiday or Road Trip

Press Release
Motivational Words, Sentence or Essay
Photos  or Paintings of Snow

Another Artist's Studio That You Admire
Any List That is Topical
The Year In Review

Post Your Latest Artwork

This post was bumped from 2011.


CERULEAN said...

Casey, thanks for posting. It's a great list!

Randall David Tipton said...

Great suggestions Casey and what a beautiful painting you posted with this list!

Unknown said...

Don't know how I missed this post. What an entertaining gold mine of ideas. Thanks, I'm sure I will refer to this list often.

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